CCW è Europa. Unita per l’uguaglianza nella Salute

CCW è Europa. Unita per l’uguaglianza nella Salute

Il 14 giugno, dalle 16 alle 18, CCW partecipa alla 11a IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion, a Girona in Spagna, organizzando il Simposio “Culture, arts and health: a transformative and creative synergy for wellbeing and health promotion”.


Covid-19 pandemic is challenging capacities of our communities to cope with an increase of social inequalities, poorer mental health and isolation, problems in maintaining social support and caregiving networks.

Arts and culture resources are effective assets that can help communities to provide creative and effective solutions and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the core priorities of European Programme of Work 2020-2025 (WHO Euro, 2020). 

Furthermore, a strategic partnership among sectors (health, social, culture, education…) is indispensable in order to ensure equitable access for all to the arts for health and wellbeing in the community and health-care settings across Europe. The new Behavioural and Cultural Insights flagship initiative (EPW, WHO Euro, 2020) provides insights into drivers of health and wellbeing, the underlying barriers and into tackling the complex health problems that our societies face today.

In this framework, the Symposium aims at giving space for a participatory discussion on how health promotion and culture/arts can contribute in synergy to face the challenges of societal and health changes in a European perspective. 

Chair of the panel discussion: Annalisa Cicerchia (Tor Vergata University of Rome) 

 Keynotes speakers:

  • Pier Luigi Sacco (Senior Researcher OECD): What are policies and funding on Culture connected to other sectors in EU?
  • Nils Fietje, (WHO Euro – Cultural Contexts of Health and Well-being): What are the challenges from EPW United Action for Better Health in Europe?
  • Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione (SCT Centre Unito – CCW) and Claudio Tortone (DoRS Regione Piemonte) Can performing arts help to re-create collective rituals during/after the C-19 pandemic in health promotion perspective?

Chair of the debate: Giancarlo Pocetta (University of Perugia).

Following the first part, participants are invited to engage with experts on the base of some guiding questions as for example: from your experiences what are the main critical issues? What are the opportunities? What are the priority challenges?

Learning goals: to highlight the perspectives and opportunities currently offered at the European level (policy, practice and research) and share the challenge of the transformative synergy between Culture/Arts and Health Promotion by activating collaborations and writing together an advocacy statement supported by IUHPE.

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